• SGS Fitness Timeline


    SGS Fitness was born in 2004 starting with earning my certifications in exercise, nutrition, biomechanics and body composition analysis. Working from a gym in east-end Montreal, SGS Fitness provided personal training, program development and body fat measurements. I marketed it through working and attending fitness industry trade events, performing in bodybuilding and fitness modeling events, but more importantly, hosting exercise and nutrition seminars at various gyms

  • 2006-2009

    To grow and develop SGS Fitness, I decided to re-enroll in university and completed my degree, obtaining my Bsc. in Exercise Science at Concordia University in 2009 (note: had one year of political science completed in 1994). SGS Fitness continued through independent personal training contracts, teaching certification courses and fitness modeling.

  • 2009-2011

    Upon completion of my degree, I decided to improve SGS Fitness by organizing a fitness and fashion show open for the general public. It didn't work out but I learned the value of education along the way. I registered and obtained charitable certification for SGS Fitness with the purpose of holding public events offering seminars on exercise and nutrition as well as distribution of health information and scholarships.

  • 2011-2013

    Encountering difficulties launching public events due to my inexperience in doing these things, I received permission to host them in Ottawa, doing events in the city of Ottawa for the public as well as Algonquin College for students. At this time, the overall concept of the events were still in development

  • 2014-2017

    Having to relocate back to Montreal for familial reasons, and with a bit more experience under the belt, SGS Fitness was relaunched with local community health events featuring seminars by public health workers the public healthcare system. SGS Fitness also started developing our scholarship system, awarding scholarships to students in the fields of health sciences at Concordia University.


  • 2017-2018

    While developing and building the local community festivals, I decided to take the risk by diversifying our health education topics. As the legalization of cannabis in Canada was coming, I decided to submit an application for SGS Fitness to distribute health information on cannabis. My proposal was to distribute said information using public events and our logo as a mascot (note: you can read the attached document - in french only). Though my project was refused, it received support to develop and continue. We also started our scholarships at Concordia University. We raised the money through video game tournament fundraisers.

  • 2018-2020

    After several, and several, and several more changes in characters, themes, style, images and such, the subject of cannabis was gradually eliminated. Simply put, the project needed a story and cannabis didn't fit anymore. So without a theme, I decided to merge my project with public health events and therefore the concept of SGS Fitness having artistically created characters hosting public events and distribution of information on exercise and nutrition was cemented.

  • 2020

    And thus begins the journey for SGS Fitness in the new decade. Public performances featuring theatre, music and distribution of health information on exercise and nutrition by The Coeurs. But then things happened in the world.


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